Wondering what is a Generator?

A generator is a mechanical device that converts one form of energy into another.


For example, a generator might convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, or it might convert chemical energy into electrical energy.

Generators are used where?

Generators are used in many different applications. Some of these include backup power for homes, mobile work sites, and even small companies, hospitals, and offices. Generators are also used to power temporary shelters after disasters strike. Generators may also be used to provide power for large events like rock concerts or sporting events.

Explain – How does a Generator work?

A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It uses the same principles as an electric motor, but in reverse. In a motor, electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy that can be used to move something (like a car or an elevator).

In the case of the generator, mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy with the help of magnetic fields.

Real Benefits of a Generator

Though they can be expensive, a generator is a worthwhile investment for people who live in an area that experiences frequent power outages. Generators are not only handy when the power goes out, but they can also save money on energy bills by allowing you to run important household appliances without having to rely on electricity from the grid.

Generators help you avoid a blackout’s worst consequences:

  • Prevent the fridge and freezer from losing all the food that was just put inside.
  • They can keep your pipes from bursting by allowing you to run essential household devices like toilets and water heaters, which use less water than your washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Allow you to keep your furnace running so that your family stays safe and warm through the coldest nights of winter.
  • They can keep your computer, TV and other electronics going as long as you need them. This may not sound important, but when there’s nothing else to do during a power outage, it can make all the difference in the world to have some entertainment available at home (especially if friends and family are joining you).
  • They allow you to charge cell phones and use other handheld electronics, which can be very helpful when trying to reach loved ones during an emergency.

What are the 3 Main Types of Generators?

A generator is a mechanical device that converts one type of energy into another type of energy and it can be used to provide electrical power to an area or group of devices. There are three main types of generators: standby generators, portable generators, and stationary generators. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but all serve the same basic purpose of providing electrical power in a pinch.

“Standby generators are the most common type of generator. They are typically permanently installed at a single location and are normally fuelled by diesel or natural gas. Standby generators are generally used for large commercial facilities such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, airports, shopping malls and even whole neighbourhoods.”

“The second type is known as a portable generator. These units are similar to standby generators in that they are also fuelled by diesel or natural gas and can provide power for an entire house or building. The main difference is that portable generators can be easily transported from one location to another.”

“The last type is also known as a stationary generator. These units cannot be moved from one location to another without disassembling them because they have large concrete foundations that they sit on.”

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Are Generators with Inverters effective?

When you hear the term “generator”, you probably imagine a heavy, loud machine that makes a lot of noise and requires regular maintenance. However, in reality, the term has a more specific meaning and refers to an electrical device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It’s a very common tool for camping, especially during power outages. There are two types of generators: gasoline-powered and diesel-powered. They both produce electricity in the same basic way, although some of their parts are different.

Generators with Inverters

A generator with an inverter is a type of generator that is specifically designed to run off of regular DC (Direct Current) batteries. Inverters change DC into AC (Alternating Current) current so that it can be used in your home just like standard household electricity. This allows you to have all the benefits of having a generator without having to worry about making sure your inverter is charged or finding the right fuel for it.

Factors that Influence Generators Prices

Most of the time, the price of a generator is determined by the size or power rating. The larger a generator is, the more fuel it can hold and the more electricity it will produce before needing to refuel. Since larger generators can store more fuel and produce more electricity, they are typically more expensive than smaller models.

Generators Prices

This is not always the case though. If a generator has an inverter (a device that converts direct current into alternating current), it will cost more than a non-inverter generator. Inverters are common features on larger generators. Also, standby generators are typically more expensive than portable generators because they are built to withstand harsh conditions like extreme heat and cold.

Other factors that can influence prices include:

  • Power Rating: How much electricity a generator will produce at any given time
  • Fuel Capacity: How long a generator can run without refuelling
  • Features: Features such as inverters, overload protection and automatic start/stop functions can add to the price of a generator
  • Warranty: Some manufacturers offer warranties on their products, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your investment is covered for some amount of time if anything goes wrong with your product

Select the Right Size of Generator!

When it comes to purchasing a generator, there are several variables to consider. The first is the wattage, which is determined by the total amount of electricity needed at once. To calculate wattage, multiply the amount of electricity being used at one time by the voltage (110V or 240V). Next is the noise level. Because generators create excess noise, it’s important to find one with a low decibel level. The last variable is size.

The size of the generator should be proportional to the amount of power that’s being used. For example, if you want to power a refrigerator, heater and television during an emergency, you’ll need a large generator. If you simply want to use it for lighting and a few small appliances like a radio or fan, then a smaller model will suffice.

If you decide to purchase your generator online, be sure to purchase from a reputable seller and read reviews on their shipping practices before giving them personal information online!

Which kva Generator?

When deciding which kva generator to purchase, there are many factors to consider: it is important to review the needs of the business, what products are best suited to the needs and the budget. The generator should meet the specific requirements of the business, otherwise, it may not be cost-effective.

kva Generator

The most important factor in determining how much kva (key voltage amplification) is required. Knowing how much power is needed in peak and off-peak times is essential in making a decision on which kva generator to buy. For example, if you have a large office complex that has little demand during weekends and holidays but experiences a spike in electrical demand during weekday afternoons, it will be beneficial to buy a kva generator that can provide extra power during peak times.

On the other hand, if you own a small business or home office with consistent demand throughout weekdays and weekends then an all-in-one kva generator would be sufficient. Customers can also save money by purchasing smaller generators; however, these machines often do not last as long as larger models.

Another factor that should be considered is where the machine will be stored. If there is limited space available at the location, it is advised that customers purchase compact generators.

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  • 12kva
  • 2000kva
  • 15kva
  • 5kva
  • 1000kva
  • 50kva
  • 3kva
  • 40kva
  • 200kva
  • 300kva
  • 30kva

Where is a Petrol Generator used?

Petrol generators are commonly used in rural areas or at remote construction sites. A petrol generator is a prime power source that can be used to produce electricity when there is no other source. Petrol generators use the heat of burning fuel to drive a turbine.

Petrol Generator

This turbine then converts the energy into mechanical energy that can be converted into electrical energy. Most petrol generators are capable of producing up to 10,000 watts of electrical power. The amount of power produced by a generator depends on the size of the engine and the amount of fuel being burned.

 10 Benefits of a Petrol Generator:

When you’re power-hungry, petrol generators are a handy way to go. If a generator is well supplied with petrol, it can ensure that you don’t run out of power when you need it. Spring and summer are times when the weather is unpredictable and so are the times when you’ll need the power to help cool or heat your home. You can also rely on a generator for temporary energy needs if there’s an unexpected power outage; if the situation is not dangerous, you’ll need your devices to continue functioning to keep tabs on the situation and communicate with others.

  1. A petrol generator is relatively quiet
  2. Petrol generators have wheels for easy transportation
  3. A generator can be set up quickly
  4. Generators have advanced safety features
  5. A generator has a longer battery life than portable solar panels
  6. Petrol generators can be used as back-ups in emergencies
  7. Petrol generators are more cost-effective than solar generators
  8. Generators have a greater load capacity than solar generators
  9. Generators are easier than solar panels to maintain
  10. Petrol generators provide power instantly

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What does a Petrol Generator Inverter do?

A petrol generator inverter is an electrical apparatus that converts petrol fuel into electricity, with the electricity being supplied to the mains, normally in the form of AC power.

A petrol generator inverter consists of several components, including a petrol engine and an alternator, which is responsible for generating electricity from the fuel. The generator’s engine and alternator are mounted on different parts of a frame and the engine’s rotation is transferred to the alternator via a belt or chain.

The resulting electrical current will be transferred through cables to either a battery or directly to an external load. Because of its portability, a petrol generator inverter can be used to power devices in remote locations where there is no access to an external power source.

YES – 6 Benefits of a Petrol Generator Inverter

  1. It is environmentally friendly because it does not emit any harmful gases or other pollutants into the atmosphere.
  2. It is cost-effective to run as it requires very little fuel to produce electrical power.
  3. Because of the extra load that is placed on your battery, you will have to replace it less often, which means that you can save money on the cost of maintenance.
  4. Petrol Generators Inverter produces a constant supply of power, which means that there is no need for concern about surges in electricity use and no expensive upgrades to your home’s wiring system will be needed.
  5. There are no gearboxes or belts, making these types of generators much easier to maintain than other models with moving parts.
  6. These types of generators are quieter than most other kinds, being more like the hum of an air conditioning unit than the roar of an old-fashioned engine generator.

What influences the Petrol Generator Price?

Petrol Generator Price

  1. Engine Type: The most common types of engines found on generators include the 4-stroke cycle diesel engine and the 2-stroke cycle petrol engine.
  2. Fuel Cost: Generators that use diesel have a higher initial price tag than those that run on gasoline; however, the cost of operating a diesel generator is less than that of running a gasoline generator.
  3. Features: Other features like power capacity (in watts) and portability will also affect the price of a generator. For example, an inverter generator is more expensive than a non-inverter unit because it can provide consistent power to multiple appliances at once.

Fast & Affordable Petrol Generator Repairs

Petrol generators are a common source of power in suburban and rural homes, as well as being a popular option for camping. They have become increasingly popular over the last decade, due to the growing problem of power outages and blackouts. It is best to hire a professional if you have any problems with your generator.

The most common problems with petrol generators are mechanical issues related to their operation.

These can include:

  • The build-up of carbon deposits in the fuel system or exhaust
  • Leaks, usually from cracked hoses
  • Electrical problems, including short circuits, wiring faults, and loose connections

These problems can manifest in numerous ways including overheating, loss of power, incomplete combustion or even engine failure.

To prevent these issues from occurring, regular servicing is recommended by an expert. Fuel filters should be changed at least annually and oil levels should be checked regularly. Regular servicing will also catch any electrical issues before they cause serious damage.

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Generator Repairs near Me

Our website offers convenient guides on how to fix certain problems yourself, but if you need an expert repair or service, our network of professionals will be able to help. We’ll connect you with one of our partners directly so that you can receive the best service available in the industry today!

Your #1 Guide – Petrol Generator Service

A petrol generator is a power source for running power tools, lighting equipment, and other electrical goods. A petrol generator service is necessary if you want your generator to work properly, and it’ll increase its lifespan and efficiency considerably.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to service your generator:

  1. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel tank.
  2. Remove the air cleaner housing.
  3. Visually inspect the air filter, and clean as necessary.
  4. Check the spark plug for wear, and replace it if necessary.
  5. Replace the air filter.
  6. Check the oil level, and add as necessary.
  7. Fill the fuel tank with gasoline until it is full.

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When your generator breaks down and you’re trying to run a business, the last thing you need is to wait for service providers who are too far away to get there in time. We’ll help you find reliable service providers who can come out and fix your generator’s issues as soon as possible so that your business can get back on track.

Explain – Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are an electrical device that converts the mechanical energy of diesel or gasoline into electrical energy. They are used in all kinds of industries, especially those that require uninterrupted power, like hospitals and police departments. That said, they don’t only have to be used for large-scale projects; they can also be incredibly helpful when used in residential settings.

Diesel Generator

Diesel generators come in all different sizes, but the most common one that you’ll see at home is the standby generator. Standby generators are portable and can be placed anywhere on your property. They’re also very affordable.

What Applications are Diesel Generators used?

Diesel generators are used in a variety of applications. The primary use is for backup power in case of utility outages. Power failures can happen because of storms, earthquakes, other natural disasters, or because of problems with the electrical grid. Diesel generators are also used for construction sites to provide power for tools and materials until the grid is available. Other applications include factories, data centres, mines, oil rigs, and even cruise ships.

What can a Diesel Generator power?

What can a Diesel Generator power? -Diesel Generators have become a very common power source in many homes and businesses.

  • They operate by using Diesel fuel to create their internal combustion which powers the electric generator inside.
  • Diesel generators can be a reliable power source for certain applications such as backup or emergency power to run essential circuits and appliances during a power outage.
  • Diesel generators can also be used for other applications such as powering tools and equipment.

Reasons – Why Choose a Diesel Generator?

There are many benefits to using diesel generators as opposed to similar gas-powered units. Diesel generators can be more powerful, more efficient and longer-lasting than their gas counterparts.

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The Size

The size of a diesel generator is measured by its kilowatts (kW). The bigger the capacity of your diesel generator, the more power it can produce. In most cases, the power you’ll need will be determined by the number of items you want to power. The price of a generator is also affected by its power rating. The larger the capacity of the generator, the more it will cost. A 20-kW will cost more than a 10-kW—it’s that simple.

The Brand

The brand is one of the most important things to look at when you are purchasing a diesel generator. The brands themselves have their reputation and therefore, the power output will be different for each brand. The size of the engine itself is also a factor that should be taken into consideration when choosing the right generator. The price of the engine is one way to tell how much power it can produce. Each manufacturer has its prices for its products so it would be best to shop around first before deciding on which brand to purchase.


Advanced features would cost more than a basic one. For example, a generator with an automatic transfer switch would cost more than a standard one.

New or Used

Diesel generators come in three common categories: new, used and rebuilt. Each of these categories has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a new generator will have the best warranty and the most up-to-date technology but is more expensive than a used or rebuilt model. A used unit may be less expensive but could require some repairs or upgrades before it is ready to be put into service.

A rebuilt generator offers a compromise between a new or used model, with reduced costs and increased savings over buying a new one, but with some risk that the machine may require additional repairs after purchase.

Speak to us! – Diesel Generator Repair

If your diesel generator is on its last legs and you need to get it repaired, you are in luck. This guide will help you make sure that the job is done right, with a major emphasis on getting it done within your budget and time frame.

Before we jump into the details of how to find the right repair person, it is important to know exactly what kind of repair work is being done.

The most common issues that arise with a generator are:

  • Leaking Oil
  • Won’t Start
  • Won’t Run at Rated Load
  • It Spins but Will Not Start
  • No Power to the Control Panel
  • Electrical Problems – No Power Through Outlets and Fuses Are Good
  • High Amperage Draw on the Control Panel or Fuse Box

These are all problems that can be fixed by an experienced diesel generator repair specialist. If you have any other questions about repairing your generator, feel free to contact us for more information.

Helpful Guide – Diesel Generator Service

Diesel generators are usually housed inside a mechanical room or building. A generator requires routine maintenance to ensure it is running efficiently and safely. The following is a step-by-step guide for diesel generator service.

  1. Perform an inspection of the generator based on the recommendations of your manufacturer and local codes.
  2. Records should be kept for all repairs so that you can refer back to them if needed. Save these records for at least five years.
  3. Have your generator serviced every 200 hours or annually, whichever comes first, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations and local standards of practice.
  4. Check your electrical system regularly to make sure there are no loose connections or frayed wire insulation in the electrical panel or other areas that could present a fire hazard.
  5. Be sure everyone who works on your generator knows how to safely start and operate it, including disconnecting it from the power grid and safely shut down when contractors are finished working on it (if applicable).
  6. Always keep combustible items at least 10 feet away from your generator and its fuel tank, including dry grasses or vegetation, oil rags and oily waste containers, etc., especially when starting up the machine for the first time in spring or fall.

Discover  – Diesel Generator Service near Me

If you need a diesel generator service near you, we can help. Our partners are licensed and insured to handle the installation, maintenance, and repair of diesel generators in your facility. We’ll connect you with service providers who can install and keep it running smoothly year after year. To get started, contact us today.

Why use a Solar Generator?

A solar generator is an electrical device that uses the power of the sun to create electricity. The electricity created by solar generators can be used to charge batteries or power small appliances like cell phones.

Solar Generator

These generators are typically powered by photovoltaic cells, which generate electricity when they come in contact with sunlight. Some solar generators also use wind turbines instead of photovoltaic cells.

Choose us –  Solar Generator near Me

Finding a solar generator near me can be a daunting task. There are many companies out there that say they sell solar generators but don’t always offer the best service or quality. To make the process easier for you, we’ve created a list of companies in your area that offer solar generators. Simply click here to get connected with one of these service providers and find out more information about their services

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SPECIALS – Solar Generator for House

If you are looking for an alternative energy source for your home, you may want to consider buying a solar generator.

Solar generators can power your whole house and act as backup power in case of any blackout.

There are two types of solar generators: the grid-tied and the off-grid. The grid-tied requires a connection to the regular power grid, but it also has access to the power lines during blackouts. The off-grid has batteries that store energy, so it functions completely independently of the grid system.

Solar generators are a reliable way to go green and cut down your electric bills by a significant percentage. Let us connect you with affordable service providers

How does a Solar Generator Inverter work?

A solar generator inverter is a device that allows you to use power from your solar panels to charge your batteries. It converts the direct current (DC) from your solar panels into alternating current (AC). This conversion is necessary because all of the common household appliances that we use in our homes are designed to run on AC, not DC.

What influences the Solar Generator Price?

Several factors determine the solar generator price (South Africa) and these are outlined below:

  • Size: The size of the solar generator determines the amount of energy that can be stored. The size is measured in watts. The more watts a solar generator has, the more energy it can store and use.
  • USB Charging Ports: Having USB charging ports allows a user to charge his or her phones, tablets, etc.
  • Lithium battery: The type of battery used to store energy determines the lifespan. Lithium batteries have longer lifespans than other types of batteries.
  • Generator capacity:The capacity refers to how much power it provides per hour depending on the weather conditions. If it has a high capacity, it will provide users with more power per hour for longer periods during adverse weather conditions like rain or heavy winds.
  • Warranty: A warranty protects consumers from defects in products and ensures that they receive quality products from companies. With good warranties, it is possible to get replacements for defective parts or products within fixed periods after purchase.

Need a 3 Phase Generator?

A 3-phase generator is a special type of generator which produces three phases of an electrical current. It is used in industrial machinery, workshops, and other locations where a large amount of electrical power needs to be generated. It has the following parts:

A rotating shaft powers the entire generator. The shaft is connected to the main armature and the exciter winding. The exciter winding helps start up the turbine. The main armature runs with the rotating shaft and produces alternating current. This alternating current is then stepped up to high voltage AC by the transformer.

The 3-phase is capable of producing up to hundreds of kilowatts of power per rotation, depending on its size.

The 3-phase generator uses 3 separate windings for each phase of the electricity being produced. Each winding creates one phase of alternating current which is 90 degrees out of phase with its counterparts.

Specials on all 3 Phase Generators for Sale

The best way to get the products and services you need is to go directly to the source. We take out the middleman and give you access to the companies themselves. We search through all of the available options, so you don’t have to. When you buy from us, we make sure that it’s a good deal for you, and we make sure that the service provider has been vetted by our team. So, when you’re looking for 3 Phase Generators for Sale, let us help you find service providers with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Your #1 Guide on Generator Installations

There are some decisions that homeowners make that can be life-altering, and generator installation is one of them. For many people, it is a good idea because they want to protect themselves from power outages. The problem is that not everyone knows how to install one. Fortunately, there are some steps to follow to get the job done right.

Generator Installations

To install a generator, you need to make sure that you have a space where you will put it and keep it. If you just have it laying around outside or inside your home, you need to make sure that it is in a dry place. If the place will get wet or flooded, then you need to find another place for it.

Before you start installing your generator, you need to lay down some electrical lines. This can be very dangerous so you need to make sure that you take all safety precautions possible before starting this step. Some people do this step first so that they already have the electrical lines in place when they are ready for the generator installation procedure.

When installing, you must know how much power it can generate and what kind of fuel it takes because if there are any problems with this then you may end up getting an electrician involved

Let us help you – Generator Installations near Me

If you’re looking for a generator installer, we can help connect you with installers. We’ll have them call you to walk you through the process and get you set up with a system that works for your home or business.

Let us help you – Generator Installations Cape Town?

Generator installations are essential if you need to power up your home or business during times of power outage. Generators are used in Cape Town to provide electricity when the main power source fails. The installation process is a complex one, which requires expertise and experience. Don’t trust installations to just anyone. Let us help connect you with reputable and expert electricians for your installation needs in Cape Town today!

Let us help you – Generator Installations Pretoria?

If you’re looking for generator installations in the Pretoria area, let us help connect you with qualified professionals. We have compiled a list of pre-screened, experienced contractors to help you find the perfect service for your project.

Dealing with a power failure can be stressful. Don’t worry—we’ve gathered all of the best options and filled out the paperwork for you. Simply enter your contact information and a brief description of what you need into our form, and we’ll connect you with qualified professionals in your area who will be able to handle your needs.

Accredited Generator Installers Countrywide

If you’re looking for a generator installer in the area, our recommended list is a good place to start. The companies below are preferred for many reasons.

  1. We’ve worked with them before
  2. They are upfront and honest
  3. They offer competitive pricing
  4. Their work is high quality
  5. They follow through on their commitments

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Professional Workmanship – Generator Installers Cape Town

If you are looking for an electrician in Cape Town to help you install generators, then we can connect you with professional specialists who will help you out with your requirements.

We can help you find the best experts with the right experience at competitive hiring rates.

Professional Workmanship – Generator Installers Cpt

Generator installation is a major project that requires expertise and experience. At the same time, installation is a big investment and you need to be sure that your generator will be installed correctly and safely.

If you are looking for reliable installation services, contact us to connect you with our trusted service providers.

Professional Workmanship – Generator Installers in Johannesburg

You’ve come to the right place. Our database of service providers across the country can help you find exactly what you need to get the job done, no matter the size or scope of your project. Whether you’re looking for generators for your home or your business, we have a variety of qualified professionals who can install them for you. We can also connect you with several different services, including electrical wiring and panel upgrades and other electrical repairs.

Why won’t Generator won’t start? – Generators Repair

If you have a generator and it won’t start, there are a few things you should check before calling a repairman.

This checklist is not exhaustive, but it’s a start. Check the following:

  1. Fuel tank full?
  2. Is the oil level correct?
  3. Is the gas turned on?
  4. Bad spark plug?
  5. Are the spark plug wires in good condition?
  6. Are the carburettor and carburettor float bowl clean?
  7. Has anything been spilt into the carburettor or fuel tank (such as water or gasoline)?

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If you need repairs, we’re here for you. We have a growing network of experts who can help you with everything from minor repairs to major overhauls. To find a generator repair service near you, simply WhatsApp us. We’ll match your request to relevant providers who are close to you and get back to you with quotes within 24 hours. You can then contact those professionals directly and schedule an appointment at the most convenient time for you.

Generator Service – Fast & Affordable

If you are a generator owner, you know that your it is an important part of your life. But, did you know that certain maintenance checks should be done to ensure that it will run properly and last as long as possible? Here is a basic guide of things to look at while servicing your generator:

  1. Oil and Gas – Most generators have some type of oil dipstick where you can check the oil level and colour. If the oil is black or smells burnt, you should replace it with fresh oil.
  2. Spark Plugs – Check to see if the spark plugs need to be replaced. If they have been used for a long period, they may need to be replaced with new ones. However, make sure the engine is completely cool before checking them out!
  3. Air Filter – Some generators have air filters that can easily be cleaned by blowing off dust or debris. If you notice any tears in the filter material, this could pose a problem for airflow within the engine and should be replaced immediately for safety reasons.
  4. Carburettor – You can clean the carburettor by spraying it down with a disinfectant cleaner or starting fluid using an approved spray bottle or canister. Spray the cleaner into all ports in the Carburettor

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Finding reliable generator service near you has never been easier. We connect to hundreds of service providers across South Africa, with thousands of qualified technicians available for your needs.

Get Quality – Generator Service and Repair

A generator is a big investment, and it’s important to maintain your equipment properly. Generators service and repair can help you ensure that it is running at optimal capacity. A professional company will be able to help with any problem you’re having, including:

  • Repairing or replacing damaged parts
  • Servicing the machine
  • Upgrading your system to keep up with changing times

We offer – Generator Service and Repair near Me

Finding the right generator service and repair near me can be frustrating. We are here to help you find exactly what you need. Let us help you find generator service and repair near me.

Let us HELP – Generator Maintenance Services

Generator maintenance is important to protect it from costly repairs. Here are some things you can expect from a good maintenance service:

  1. On-time Scheduling
  2. Professional Inspection
  3. Preventative Maintenance
  4. Proper Maintenance Checklist Compliance
  5. Helping You Choose the Best Parts
  6. Testing and Certification/Licensing
  7. Continuing Education / Experience

This is our Passion! – Fixing Generator

The first thing to do is to check the fuel. Make sure you have enough gas in the tank. This may seem like an obvious solution, but it’s a simple mistake that most people make when they have a generator issue. If there is too little fuel, open the cap and add more fuel to the tank. Do not overfill it because this may damage.

If it has a spark plug, give it a tune-up. It is located on top of the engine and should look like a small circle with two wires attached to it. Use the wrench provided to tighten the spark plug so you can get better performance when it runs.

Check to see if there is any debris that is blocking the air filter. If there are sticks or dirt in your air filter, remove them before trying to start it again.

Sometimes water can get into the oil of your generator and cause it not to run properly. If you think water might be in it, try draining some of the oil out of it and wipe it down with rags so that the water will evaporate quickly.

When all else fails, take it to a professional because you may need an expert to help

YES – Fix the Generator near Me

When you’re suddenly without power in the middle of a cold winter, there are few things more frustrating or stressful than waiting for a repair person to come to fix your generator. But with our service directory, you can find a reliable repairman and have him at your property in no time. Our contractors are all certified and trained by industry professionals and offer the fastest response times out of any comparable service in the region. We’ll help connect you with one of the reputable companies near you, so you can relax and enjoy your home again—without having to worry about whether your power will stay on.

Looking for Generators Hire?

If you’re in the market for a generator and need to hire one, there are several aspects of that process that you’ll want to consider. The first is fuel type: generators generally run on either gas or propane. Gas is the more popular option because it’s slightly less expensive and can be found just about anywhere, though it’s not always available in high-demand situations like power outages. Propane has also become more popular in recent years thanks to its reputation for being cleaner and quieter than gas, though it isn’t as easy to find on short notice.

Generators Hire

If you have multiple options for buying fuel nearby, you may want to consider your generator’s size, which is usually measured in kilowatts (kW). The larger it is, the more energy it can generate at once, so if you’ll need heavy-duty power from your machine, you’ll want to go with a larger model. However, larger models aren’t necessarily better for everyone—they’re often louder and heavier than smaller models. A large house with plenty of furniture may be difficult for a small one to cover sufficiently without running for too long and risking damage from overuse.

If all of these factors are completely irrelevant to your situation, then noise level is where you should be.

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When you need a generator hire, it’s important to have the right one for the job. But when you don’t know where to look, it can be hard to trust that you’re getting what you’re paying for. Our network of service providers can connect you with the right companies in your area and guide you through choosing the best possible model for your needs.

With our connection service, you’ll get:

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When it comes to getting a generator for your home or business, trust our network to help you find the perfect fit.

What influences Generator Hire Price?

There are a few things that can affect the price of a generator rental:

  1. Size of Generator – A larger one will have higher fuel consumption than a smaller one. Larger generators are typically used for commercial applications and can be very expensive to operate.
  2. Fuel Type – The type of fuel used will also impact the cost, as not all types of fuel are the same. For example, propane-powered generators tend to be much more expensive to operate than those that use regular gasoline, because propane is usually more expensive.
  3. Duration of Rental – The longer you need to rent it for, the more it will cost. This is because you’ll have to pay for it over a longer period, and also because generators require routine maintenance, which can become quite costly over time.
  4. Time of Year – The amount you pay for your rental can vary depending on the time of year you plan on using it. For example, if you’re renting it during Hurricane Season or a particularly hot summer day in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll probably end up paying more than if you were renting it during an off-season month.
  5. Distance from Rental Location

What do Generator Companies offer?

Generator companies, generator hire, or portable generator hire companies are service providers that provide generators for specific purposes such as construction sites and events.

In the event of a power outage, the company will deliver and install it, depending on your requirements. They can offer their services in several ways:

Generator company prices depend on several factors: the type, capacity, size and rental duration. You will pay less if you rent a small one for an hour or two than if you rent a large industrial one for several days. It is recommended to contact several companies to get the best deals.

Use our Service – Generator Companies near Me

When the power goes out, you need a generator that will provide you with the most reliable source of electricity possible. A company that is experienced in installation can help you create a system that is better than what you had before. We can help you find electrician companies near me who are experienced in installing generators for those who have lost power due to storms or other reasons.

We have all types of generators for sale and maintenance. Yes, we can help you find companies who will service your existing one or install a new one for you. Contact us today to find electrician companies near me to install or service it.

5 Tips for Picking the Ultimate Solar Generator Companies

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when choosing a solar generator company:

  1. Do they have experience working with other solar generators?
  2. Will they install them on my property or will I have to hire a separate contractor/electrician?
  3. What are the costs and how long does it take for them to put?
  4. Are there any guarantees about their work?
  5. What kinds of maintenance do they offer, and how much does that cost?

Get Load Shedding Home Solutions HERE!

It is often not possible for us to predict the power outages in your area and when they may occur. However, you can be prepared for any power outage by installing a generator that can run your refrigerator, lights, TV, computers and many other household appliances. We help you find the best brands at competitive prices. Our home solutions are especially useful during load shedding and power cuts.

Loadshedding Tips

There are ways to reduce your dependence on power outages, but in the meantime, if you live in a region where load shedding is practised, you should consider investing in a generator.

Generators are electrical devices that convert the mechanical energy of a fuel-powered engine into electrical energy. The most common types of generators used to provide backup power for homes are gasoline-powered and diesel-powered generators. They can be used for several purposes, including:

Home backup power – Generators of up to 10 kW can run basic household appliances during power outages caused by blackouts or brownouts. They are often used as a more affordable alternative to gasoline or gas-powered generators and inverter systems, which have higher purchase costs and require regular maintenance.

Power transfer – Transfer switches allow you to distribute backup power from your home’s generator to other areas of the house. A typical transfer switch has two or three outlets (ganged together) that can be switched on and off via an additional switch inside the house. This allows you to use one to support several circuits, or provide electricity to an entire house via a distribution panel located within the house.

Standby power – Emergency lighting systems, security systems and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units maintain critical systems.

People Also ASK – Generator

Petrol Vs Diesel Generator

This is a question that is often asked. Generally, petrol and diesel generators are operated in the same way. The only difference would be the initial start-up process. Petrol generators need to have the carburettor adjusted, while diesel generators do not. Beyond that, they both run on the same principles of combustion and air-intake.

What size generator will run a house?

The size of the generator you need will vary depending on the appliances you want to power, how much power it takes to run them and how long you want to be able to keep them running. In most cases, a generator rated at 7,000 watts can run a house in a blackout.

What can a 7.5 kVA generator run?

7.5 kVA is a fairly small generator, but it can provide power for some of your home’s essential needs in an emergency. The perfect situation to put a 7.5 kVA to work is when you’re experiencing an extended power outage that leaves you without electricity for multiple days. You can use it to make sure that you have the power to keep warm in freezing temperatures, to keep the food in your refrigerator and freezer from going bad, and even to power a few basic appliances like lights, televisions and coffee makers.

In terms of numbers, most 7.5 kVA generators are capable of producing enough power to run:

  • One central A/C
  • Two refrigerators
  • Five lights
  • Two televisions
  • Three computers
  • One microwave oven
  • One coffee maker

What size generator do I need?

The power needed and the time required are the main factors to consider when determining generator size. The first thing to think about is how much power will be required. This depends on what will be plugged in while it is running. The rule of thumb is that it should be able to power all of the essential appliances at once, plus a few extras. The next consideration is how long you’ll need that power.

This can be anywhere from a few hours to an entire week to multiple weeks. An important thing to keep in mind is that generators aren’t intended for continuous use; they are designed for short periods. Make sure you choose a model that allows for enough time between refuelling and servicing and doesn’t overload it with too many devices.

Which generator is suitable for home use?

There are many types of home generators, including portable and whole-home generators. Before deciding on a generator that’s right for your home, you should consider the size of your electric needs. If power outages are rare in your area, it might be more economical to get a small one that can run a few appliances during an emergency.

How do you hook a generator to your house?

There are a few different ways to hook up a generator to your house, depending on how you want it powered. The main thing that will affect your decision is whether or not you plan to continue using standard wall outlets after the power goes out. If you do, you’ll want to connect the generator’s power directly to an outlet. If you don’t, you’ll need to connect it to a transfer switch, which will allow you to use electricity from multiple sources at once.

Can a 5kW generator power a house?

The short answer is yes, a 5kW generator can power a house. However, there are a few factors to take into account when evaluating whether or not it’s true enough to power your whole home. A 5kW is the equivalent of 5 kilowatts of continuous power.

That means that if you were to plug in an appliance that uses 1 kilowatt (1 kW) of power, the generator could hypothetically supply the full 1 kW indefinitely. In reality, it would be unable to meet this demand because it would be already supplying 4 kW to other appliances and the needs of the house, and it would quickly overheat and shut down.

What will a 10 KVA generator run?

A 10 KVA generator will run approximately the following:

  • 2 refrigerators
  • 3 deep freezers
  • 1 furnace (with a 30-amp circuit)
  • 2 dehumidifiers
  • A window air conditioner
  • 3 computers or two TVs and one computer

What size generator do I need to run a refrigerator and freezer?

A typical refrigerator and freezer use approximately 1-2 kilowatts of power each (1,500 watts total), so a 7-kilowatt is ideal for running both appliances at the same time. You could also run them with a 3- or 5-kilowatt, but you’ll have to balance the capacity of the generator against how much you’re able to spend on fuel, as well as how long you’ll need to run it before it’s refuelled.

If you know you’ll need to run your generator for an extended period, consider getting one with wheels and an electric starter so you can put it in a convenient location and only have to deal with pulling a cord when loading and unloading.

What should I look for when buying a generator?

In short:

  • Buy one with an automatic start.
  • Look at the number of watts your appliances use and buy a generator that can handle that much power or more.
  • Make sure it’s in working order before leaving the store.

How many watts do I need to power my house?

If you’re looking to power your full home with a generator, you’ll need at least 5,000 watts. That’s the minimum required to run your refrigerator, heater, lights and a few small appliances. But don’t worry—5,000 watts are a lot of power! If you have an electric water heater and use about 20 gallons of hot water per day, that’s about 1,000 watts. So even if you don’t have any electrical appliances at all, powering your home with a generator shouldn’t be an issue.

How much does it cost to rebuild a generator?

In South Africa, you can expect the prices of generators to range from R2000 to R150000 or even more. It is also important to make sure it is in an ideal working condition because if there are any defects in either the parts, then this will result in poor quality power and will render it useless. The costs of repairing differ from one type to another and you should consider getting it repaired by someone who has experience in this area.

Is it worth fixing an old generator?

It depends on the situation. If you’re looking to make a large, expensive purchase that you can’t afford to buy new, you might consider upgrading to a new product, be it a new appliance or something else.

Opting for repairs is usually the best choice if your generator is still under warranty and the problem is covered by what’s written in the manufacturer’s manual. In general, however, it’s probably not worth it to repair things that are already beginning to show their age. A lot of older generators just don’t have the power or reliability necessary to run newer equipment and appliances anymore.

How do I fix my generator not working?

A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is mainly used to provide an uninterrupted electric supply when the main power is interrupted. There are several reasons why it might not be working properly. If it makes a loud noise, then it is likely that something has fallen into the engine and needs to be removed. Another common reason for it not working properly is if there is too much gas in the tank.

You should add a stabilizer and let it run until the gas burns off. If you followed all of these steps and your generator still isn’t working, then you may need to replace the spark plug wires or replace the spark plug altogether.

What is needed to service a generator?

Next time you are thinking about changing your oil, have a trained technician check your generator as part of the maintenance that it needs. It’s one of the best ways to protect your generators’ life and maximize performance. Don’t be surprised if a trained technician finds something you didn’t know was wrong with it, which could cause the need to replace it. Don’t leave this up to chance or guesswork when it comes to something so vital to your home and family.

How much is it to hire a generator?

Are you looking to hire a generator in South Africa? The cost of hiring a generator is between R1,000 and R5,000 per day, depending on the size and type required. If you have any questions about the cost of hiring or anything else about generators, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help in any way we can.

What kind of generator is the cheapest to run?

Fossil fuel generators run on diesel, gasoline, propane or natural gas. A generator using diesel fuel is the most common because it can produce up to 10 kilowatts of electricity and burns relatively cleanly. It is also the cheapest type of fuel to buy and has the best long-term cost per kilowatt-hour. Gasoline works well for smaller applications such as portable electric tools and equipment.

Propane can be stored conveniently in tanks outside of the generator’s compartment and burns with less carbon monoxide than other fuels. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel but it is generally used only by larger generators that produce more than 25 kilowatts of electricity.

Which generator is best for the home?

For home use, the ideal generator is quiet, economical and has a long enough run time to keep your essential appliances up and running in an emergency. You will also want to consider whether or not it needs to be portable or not.

How much petrol does a generator use per hour in South Africa?

A generator uses the same amount of fuel per hour whether it’s running or not, so you can use this formula to calculate how much it will cost to run it for an hour:

How much petrol does a generator use per hour in South Africa

Petrol used per hour = (hours run x tank capacity) / (litre capacity / 10)

If you know the amount of Petrol in a tank and you have the hours run and the size of the tank, this formula can also be used to work out how much petrol is left:

Petrol left in a tank = (hours run x tank capacity) / (litre capacity / 10) – amount of petrol used per hour.

What generator lasts the longest?

The lifespan of a generator is largely dependent on how much it’s used and maintained. For example, if you use it a lot during the warm months to power up your entire house, but only use it occasionally during the winter, you’ll get more use out of it than someone who uses it year-round without any maintenance.

In terms of maintenance, at the very least you should change the oil now and then. It’s also important to change or clean air filters, tune-up spark plugs, check belts and hoses, and keep all other parts in working order as best you can. If you take good care of your generator, it will take good care of you!