Washing Lines Johannesburg

Best washing lines in the city, no lie!

Washing Lines Johannesburg was started by a group friends who were inspired by the lack of mobile washing lines in 2002 when students were flocking into flats and houses and the need for washing lines became very apparent.

We focused on innovative ways to solve the demand for mobile washing lines and worked with some of the world’s most reputable companies to ensure high quality washing lines are manufactured to meet our customers mobile requirements.

Washing Lines That Go Everywhere With You!

Washing Lines Johannesburg saw an opportunity to provide mobile and custom built washing lines and made a company that has a created a trend in the latest washing lines available on the market:

  • Mobile Washing Lines:- Our mobile washing lines are an awesome accessory for students who are always on the move and cannot rely on the security of the residential for their clothes to be safe. Indoor mobile washing lines are our answer!
  • Fixed Washing Lines:- Fixed washing lines are usually installed by homeowners have the enough space to ensure that their washing line won’t be a disturbance to their environment while place in a position the received the highest amount of sunlight.
  • Custom Washing Lines:- We also provide our customers with totally custom washing lines that are built from the found up to meet and in some cases exceed your expectations.

Washing Lines Johannesburg has always been there for our loyal customers and friends who reside in Johannesburg. You know that we appreciate your support and we always look forward to working with you all.

We are strive to provide you with quality washing lines and that is something that Washing Lines Johannesburg is proud to offer because we are touched every time we make a big impact in someone’s life. Call us today for washing lines that are made for your environment.