Best Deals on Washing Lines for Sale Near Me: Durable Laundry Lines for Sale and Outdoor Washing Line Offers on Retractable, Rotary, Wall-Mounted, Portable Washing Lines in Johannesburg, Jhb, Roodepoort, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, Cape Town, Durban, East London, South Africa


Best Deals on Washing Lines for Sale Near Me: Durable Laundry Lines for Sale and Outdoor Washing Line Offers on Retractable, Rotary, Wall-Mounted, Portable Washing Lines in Johannesburg, Jhb, Roodepoort, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, Cape Town, Durban, East London, South Africa

Looking for the best washing lines for sale? We offer a wide range of wash lines perfect for any home. Whether you need retractable wash lines, collapsible washing line, or folding wash lines, we’ve got it all. Our products are durable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Laundry lines for sale come in many shapes and sizes. From portable washing lines to wall mounted washing lines, you’ll find the right fit for your laundry needs. If you need a washing line that attaches to wall, check out our wall mounted wash line options. These are great for saving space and are easy to install.

For those who prefer washing lines outdoor, we have fantastic outdoor washing line options. Our retractable washing lines are popular for their convenience and space-saving features. You can easily retract them when not in use. We also offer revolving clothes line and wash line poles for sturdy and reliable drying.

If you live in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Pretoria, we have great deals on washing line for sale Johannesburg, washing line for sale Cape Town, and washing line for sale Pretoria. No matter where you are, you’ll find the best washing lines for sale near me.

Our clothes line options also include clothes drying racks and indoor washing lines. Perfect for those rainy days when you can’t hang clothes outside. Need help with setup? We offer washing line installation services too!

Don’t miss out on our special pricing offers in Johannesburg, Roodepoort, Sandton, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, and East London. Our outdoor washing line deals are unbeatable. Check out our range and find the perfect laundry lines for sale today!

Get the best wash lines for sale in South Africa.

Benefits of Buying Wash Lines, Laundry Lines & Clothes Line

Saving money and energy is easy with washing lines. Unlike tumble dryers, they are an eco-friendly option that costs nothing to run. A good wash line can save you up to R1500 a year on electricity bills.

Outdoor lines use the sun’s heat and wind, which helps clothes dry faster.

Weatherproof and lightweight designs make them durable in all seasons. Brands like Brabantia offer trusted quality products perfect for any home. Laundry lines keep your clothes fresh-smelling, free of lint or shrinkage issues common with dryers.

Top Wash Line Brands in South Africa

Brabantia offers a rotary clothesline that is robust and weatherproof. Their design ensures your laundry dries quickly, even in unpredictable weather. Retractaline provides versatile retractable washing lines, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Foldaway Washline brand delivers compact solutions perfect for small spaces. Portable options like the Mini Retractable Wash Line are lightweight and easy to move around.

Washing Line Accessories

Clothes peg bags keep pegs handy, preventing loss. Laundry pegs come in sets with soft cushioned rubber grips, ensuring they won’t damage your clothes.

Ground sockets offer stability for rotary washing lines

Automatic line feeders ensure smooth operation without tangles or twists, perfect for hassle-free laundry days!

Contact us for a local washing line installer who offers installation and repairs in your area!

Finding the right washing line installer is easy with local professionals. Get expert help from services available in locations like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and more. Enjoy quality installation and repairs without hassle.

Choose a reliable wash line installer for your area today!

South African Types of washing Lines for Sale in Johannesburg, Jhb, Roodepoort, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, Cape Town, Durban and East London


South African Types of washing Lines for Sale in Johannesburg, Jhb, Roodepoort, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, Cape Town, Durban and East London

Retractable Washing Lines For Sale

Retractable washing lines are perfect for saving space. They stretch out when needed and retract when not in use. Get powder-coated aluminium options that keep rust at bay.

These lines are ideal for urban homes, small gardens, or anywhere space is tight.

Whether you live in Johannesburg or Cape Town, they perform well regardless of climate change. Priced reasonably, they offer both convenience and durability.

A retractable washing line adds flexibility to your laundry routine, says a satisfied customer from Pretoria

Rotary Washing Lines For Sale

Rotary washing lines provide an effective solution for outdoor laundry needs. Brands like Brabantia offer rotary clotheslines with options ranging from 24 to 60 metres of drying space.

These models vary in price from R299.00 to R6,499.00, accommodating different budgets and household sizes in South Africa.

Not only are these rotary wash lines durable, but they also come with features like adjustable height and tension settings for added convenience.

Wall-Mounted Washing Lines For Sale

Wall-mounted washing lines offer great space-saving solutions. These models come powder-coated to prevent rust, ensuring longevity whether used inside or outside. Foldaway options fold flat against the wall when not in use, making them especially useful for smaller areas.

Available sizes start at R850 for a 2m x 1m model. These units offer flexibility—suitable for various locations within South Africa, like Johannesburg and Cape Town. Wall-mounted lines also save floor space while providing ample drying area.

Portable Washing Lines For Sale

Mini Retractable Washing Lines are perfect for small spaces. They offer three lines extending to 5m each. Lightweight and space-saving, they suit both indoor and outdoor use.

Foldaway models come in various sizes, making them versatile for different laundry needs.

Clothes Drying Racks For Sale

Get steel clothes drying racks with prices ranging from R295 to R1,800. These racks are available in rust-free aluminium models. Foldaway deluxe wash lines offer more options to suit your needs.

Indoor Washing Lines For Sale

Indoor washing lines are a great choice for rainy days or small spaces. Made from high-quality aluminium, they offer durability and weather resistance. These wash lines fit perfectly under roof eaves, in courtyards, or garages.

Prices range between R1695.00 and R4160.00 per linear metre, providing a mix of affordability and quality. They are available as fold-up models that save space when not in use—perfect for apartments or houses with limited outdoor areas.

Folding Frame Washing Lines For Sale

Folding frame washing lines offer convenience and durability. Prices range from R1695.00 to R4160.00, fitting various budgets. Each unit is made of powder-coated aluminium, ensuring weather resistance and long-lasting use.

Delivered fully assembled and strung, these wash lines save time and hassle.

Materials and Durability of washing line for sale

Metal Washing Line

Metal washing lines offer durability and strength. Made from galvanised steel, these lines resist rust and withstand harsh weather conditions. Their eco-friendly design ensures a long lifespan, making them an excellent investment for any home.

Prices vary between R299.00 to R6,499.00, catering to different budgets and needs.

Plastic-Coated Washing Lines

Plastic-coated washing lines are a great choice for your laundry needs. They feature a strong steel core wrapped in protective PVC, making them long-lasting and easy to clean. A 20-metre Steel PVC coated washing line can hold up to 15kg of laundry, meeting the demands of even large families.

These lines resist weather damage and tangles, providing hassle-free drying every time you use them.

Wire Washing Lines

Plastic-coated lines have their charm, but wire washing lines step up the game. Offering 20 meters of drying space, they can handle a large load of laundry. These sturdy options come with an optional canopy cover to shield clothes from rain.

Durable yet lightweight, these clothes lines resist wear and tear better than many alternatives. They’re perfect for both outdoor use and long-lasting performance.

How to choose and install the Best Wash Line for your needs

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wash Line

Consider the size of your garden. A large outdoor washing line may not fit in a small yard. Think about the weight of clothes you’ll hang. A robust, metal wash line is ideal for heavy items like towels and jeans.

Check available space and budget. Wall-mounted lines save space in tight areas—folding options offer flexibility too. Durability matters, especially if exposed to weather—a plastic-coated wire can withstand harsh conditions better than plain wire.

Compare the Different types of washing Lines for Sale and their advantages

Type of Washing Line Description Advantages
Rotary Washing Lines A spinning washing line with multiple arms, often with adjustable heights. – Saves space

– High capacity

– Easy to fold away

Retractable Washing Lines A washing line that can be extended for use and retracted into a casing when not needed. – Great for small spaces

– Indoors or outdoors

– Easy to store away

Fold Down Washing Lines Mounted on walls and can be folded down when needed and folded back up when not in use. – Space-efficient

– Small yards or balconies

– Easy to install

Umbrella Washing Lines Similar to rotary lines but usually have a cover to protect clothes from rain. – Protects from rain

– Saves space

– Easy to use and fold away

Freestanding Washing Lines Portable and can be placed anywhere, often lightweight and easy to move. – Highly versatile

– indoors and outdoors

– No installation required

Ceiling Mounted Airers Installed on the ceiling, can be lowered to hang clothes and then raised out of the way. – Saves floor space

– Ideal for indoor drying

– Good of vertical space

Portable Clothes Airers Lightweight, often foldable racks that can be moved and stored easily. – Easy to move around

– Indoors and outdoors

– No installation required

Fixed Rotary Washing Lines Similar to rotary lines but permanently fixed into the ground. – Very sturdy and durable

– Can handle large loads

– Good for larger gardens

Electric Drying Racks Heated racks that help clothes dry faster indoors. – Ideal for indoor use

– Clothes dry faster

– Energy-efficient options

Wall-Mounted Drying Racks Similar to fold-down lines but designed to be mounted indoors, often in laundry rooms or bathrooms. – Saves floor space

– Great for indoor use

– Can be folded away

Hoist Washing Lines Adjustable height rotary lines that can be raised or lowered. – Easy to adjust height

– Saves space

– Can handle heavy loads

Ground Socket Washing Lines Rotary lines that can be easily removed from the ground socket when not in use. – Easy to remove

– Sturdy and durable

– For large families

Expert Wash Line Services in South Africa

Expert Wash Line Services in South Africa

Hire professional residential washing line services for durability and ease. Choose from metal, plastic-coated, and wire options. Professionals handle all installations and repairs to make the process smooth.

Services include wall-mounted or freestanding washing lines for any space. It ensures security and longevity—perfect for your laundry needs in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban.

Commercial Washing Line Services

Commercial washing line services provide robust solutions to businesses. Hotels, hospitals, and Laundromats benefit from durable laundry lines and efficient installations. Nationwide delivery ensures that your establishment gets the best quality products promptly.

Professional installers ensure every wash line is securely set up for long-term use. This includes retractable, wall-mounted, rotary, and portable washing lines tailored to fit specific needs.

Customized Washing Line Solutions

For those needing washing lines tailored to specific needs, we offer customised solutions. These are perfect for both commercial and residential spaces. Whether you need a wall-mounted washing line or a portable option, we can design it for maximum efficiency.

Our products are designed to last, using top-quality metal and plastic-coated materials. We ensure durability even in harsh weather conditions.

Expert Washing Lines Installation Services throughout Johannesburg, Jhb, Roodepoort, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, Cape Town, Durban, East London, South Africa


Expert Washing Lines Installation Services throughout Johannesburg, Jhb, Roodepoort, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, Cape Town, Durban, East London, South Africa

Expert washing line installation services are available throughout Johannesburg, Jhb, Roodepoort, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, Cape Town, Durban, and East London. Get a professional to install or repair your wash line today!

Compare Expert Washing Line Installation vs DIY

Aspect Expert Installation DIY Installation
Sturdiness High – ensures reliability and durability. Varies – may not be as sturdy.
Quality Professional-grade – superior quality installation. Depends on your skills and tools.
Time Quick – typically same-day service. Varies – could take longer.
Cost Includes service fee – worth the investment for reliability. Generally cheaper, but potential for additional costs if mistakes are made.
Expertise High – professional knowledge and experience. Low – lacks professional expertise.
Convenience High – hassle-free, professional handles everything. Low – you are responsible for all aspects.
Guarantee Often includes warranty on work and materials. No warranty – if you make mistakes, there’s no guarantee.

Clothes Line and Washing line Prices in South Africa 2024 with installation

Prices for clothes lines and washing lines range from R299.00 to R6,499.00 in 2024. Various types of wash lines are available, including retractable, rotary, wall-mounted, and portable options.

These prices usually cover the range of basic to premium models.

Professional installation services can be added for convenience and quality assurance. Expert installers ensure that your new laundry line is securely fixed and ready for use. This service also includes repairs if needed later on.

South African Areas and Provinces with Clothes Line, Laundry Line and Washing Lines for Sale in in Johannesburg, Jhb, Roodepoort, Sandton, Pretoria, East, North, Cape Town, Durban, East London, South Africa

Get a wide range of clothes lines across South Africa. Find options in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Centurion. All areas have free installation services for select products.

From retractable to wall-mounted washing lines, there’s something for every home. Get durable laundry lines and outdoor solutions tailored to your needs in Cape Town, Durban, East London—wherever you are!

Washing Line for Sale: Hire a Professional Washing Line installer for the supply, installation and repairs of any wash line!

Need a new washing line installed? Hire a professional! They offer supply, installation, and repairs for any type of wash line. Get it right the first time with expert service. Prices range from R299.00 to R6,499.00.

Outdoor drying is more efficient and these lines withstand various weather conditions.

From laundry lines to wall-mounted options, professionals handle it all—retractable or rotary systems included. Professional installers ensure your washing line remains sturdy and functional for years.

Contact a local installer today for durable solutions tailored perfectly to your needs.


1. What types of washing lines are available for sale in Johannesburg?

You can find a variety of washing lines for sale in Johannesburg, including wall-mounted washing lines, foldable and folding wash lines, T-pole washing lines, rotary clotheslines and more.

2. Are there any specific options for outdoor washing lines?

Yes, there are several outdoor washing line options such as portable wash lines, collapsible drying racks and round tubing designs suitable for gardens or patios.

3. How much does a typical clothesline cost?

The price of a clothesline varies depending on the type – whether it’s a retractable wash line or an advanced revolving model – but you will find competitive prices across all categories.

4. Can I buy hardware like brackets and wire separately?

Absolutely! You can purchase essential hardware such as washing line brackets, wire for your laundry line or even poles to support your setup independently from complete units.

5. Do you offer installation services for wall-mounted wash lines?

Yes, many sellers provide professional installation services when you buy wall-mounted wash lines to ensure they are securely attached and ready to use immediately.

6. Where else besides Johannesburg can I find these products?

You can also find various laundry line options in other cities like Cape Town and Pretoria alongside online stores that deliver nationwide… making it easy wherever you reside!