What People Have To Say About Washing Lines Johannesburg

Mr G. Manide

Washing Lines Johannesburg really did a great job with installing our washing line, we have been struggling with a stable washing line and now I am sure that this washing line will not break like the previous ones we had. Thank you very much for your timely services and ensuring a tidy area after installation.

Ms W. Onimor

What a great choice it was working with Washing Lines Johannesburg. You guys work together to get the job done and I am very impressed with the functionality of my washing line. I am now saving a lot of space because all I have to do is fold the washing line and wala! I have free space! Thank you so much for this washing line solution, it really makes sense.

Mr S. Marylson

I was so tired of dealing with this fake portable washing lines and I made this very clear to the lady I spoke to over the phone and she assured me that Washing Lines Johannesburg only stocks high quality washing lines with up to five years guarantee and I was really intrigued by the amount of confidence in hear voice. I am going for the third year with the washing line and so far so good!

Mrs L. Martini

Washing Lines Johannesburg really pulled a good one for me with that washing line custom solution. Thank you so  much for taking the time to really understand what your customers are looking for, great job on my washing line!

Mrs H. Okrane

I didn’t really start off well with the lady on the at Washing Lines Johannesburg because I was frustrated by my washing line which just suddenly gave up on and fell with my clothes still wet. I was looking for a quick solution and Mariam assured me that they would deliver the washing line within an hour and you did the most with installing and adjusting it for my heavy loads, thank you very much.