Washing Lines Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

How long do I have to wait for my mobile washing line to be delivered?

It will depend on the deliver option you choose. We provide washing line delivery within a day, within five working days and within two weeks depending on your location. All customers based within Johannesburg will receive their washing lines within 24 hours of order!

What is the guarantee on your mobile washing lines?

We have a five year guarantee on all our washing lines and we provide you with free repairs during that time to ensure that you get the best possible value from us. And we will be happy to replace your washing line within 30 days of purchase.

Can I order a custom washing line?

Yes, we provide custom washing line services to suit all your requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss some of your washing line ideas and we will come up with options to suit your budget and design.

What types of washing lines do you offer?

Washing Lines currently on offer include:

  • Mobile Wire Washing Lines
  • Portable Washing Lines
  • Space Friendly Washing Lines
  • Wall Installed Washing Lines
  • Indoor Washing Lines
  • Fixed To Ground Washing Lines
  • Custom Washing Line Services
  • Washing Lines Made Of Steel Wire
  • Easy setup Airers and Dryers