JoJo Tanks for Sale: Grab the Best JoJo Tank Prices with Expert Installation in Your Area

JoJo Tanks for Sale Grab the Best JoJo Tank Prices with Expert Installation in Your Area

Looking for a JoJo tank? Get the best prices and expert jojo tank installation in your area.

Trust us to connect you with certified JoJo tank Installers in your area

Our service promises an effortless journey to your JoJo tank installation. No more stress of sorting through endless listings for reliable installers.

  • We provide direct links with certified installers in various regions of South Africa from Durban, Johannesburg to Polokwane and Cape Town.

These professionals have ample experience with all ranges of JoJo products – be it tanks, pumps or accessories.

  • Their services reflect the trustworthiness we uphold and they ensure a smooth setup for your JoJo tank regardless of its size or type.

So whether you’re planning on harvesting rainwater or need a septic solution, we’ve got you covered!

Explore the Whole Range of Available JoJo Products in South Africa

Explore the Whole Range of Available JoJo Products in South Africa

Here are some outstanding JoJo Tanks products you can explore:

  • Domestic Water Storage Tanks: These tanks offer an ideal solution for storing drinking and bathing water at home.
  • Agricultural Tanks: Perfect for farmers who need reliable storage solutions for water and other agricultural substances.
  • Chemical Tanks: Designed to safely store hazardous chemicals, these tanks feature resistant materials that prevent leaks.
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems: An eco-friendly choice for those interested in collecting and using rainwater.
  • Sanitation Solutions: Providing septic tanks that make waste disposal safe and easy.
  • Tank Fittings: Available in various sizes to ensure your tank is connected perfectly and functions optimally.
  • Slimline Water Tanks: A space-saving solution for those with limited space but still need ample water storage capacity.

JoJo Water Tanks – Sales and Installation Provided

Discover the budget-friendly JoJo water tanks available in South Africa – from vertical and horizontal options to slimline and underground tanks. Find out more about sales and installation for all your water storage needs.

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Budget friendly JoJo Vertical Water Tanks

JoJo vertical water tanks stand out as an affordable, practical solution for various storage needs.

  • Their design enables them to store a hefty volume of water, making them a sought-after product in South Africa.

Many customers appreciate the flexibility JoJo offers with self-installation options.

  • Complementing this aspect is the comprehensive guide provided by JoJo for those who’d prefer setting up their own tanks.

Particularly popular in rainwater harvesting and reuse applications, these budget-friendly products are widely recognised for their cost-effectiveness and efficiency in managing water resources effectively across diverse settings.

Budget friendly JoJo Horizontal Water Tanks

JoJo horizontal water tanks make for an excellent, cost-effective choice when it comes to large-scale water storage.

  • These sturdy and reliable tanks can hold anywhere from 260 to 20,000 liters of water, making them a practical option for various applications.

Whether you need to harvest rainwater or require a backup during municipal cuts, these budget-friendly JoJo tanks offer an assured solution.

  • They are designed intelligently, allowing ease in installation and minimal maintenance over time.

Opting for JoJo’s horizontal water tank is a smart way towards achieving sustainable and secure access to vital resources like water.

Budget friendly JoJo Slimline Water Tanks

JoJo Slimline Water Tanks offer an advantageous solution for your water storage needs.

  • With their tall, narrow design, these tanks can store sizable volumes of water in a compact space.

Perfect for home gardens due to their sleek and stylish appearance; they merge functionality with aesthetic appeal seamlessly.

  • Despite boasting a robust build quality and high-volume capacity, JoJo Slimline Water Tanks come at affordable prices.

These qualities make them an economically sound choice that enhances value without breaking the bank. All JoJo Slimline Tanks are also available with full installation services from certified professionals thus ensuring optimal setup and operation right out of the box.

Budget friendly JoJo Underground Water Tanks

JoJo Tanks offers a range of high-quality, budget-friendly underground water tanks.

  • These cost-effective solutions are ideal for storing large quantities of water without sacrificing your outdoor living space.

The sleek designs seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment and are easy to install.

  • The efficient design of JoJo’s underground water tanks enables optimal use of valuable real estate while providing a practical solution for rainwater harvesting and reuse.

They’re available in various sizes to match different consumer needs.

Moreover, these tanks come with the trusted JoJo guarantee, ensuring you reliable performance over time without breaking the bank.

Budget friendly JoJo Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks, a leading brand in South Africa, offers budget-friendly rainwater harvesting tanks that are perfect for all types of users.

  • The affordability does not compromise on quality as these tanks are known for their high durability and excellent performance.

Designed to fulfil domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial needs, they can be easily installed during new home construction or retrofitted to existing structures.

  • Holding an impressive market share of 50% in the country attests to the popularity and trustworthiness of JoJo Tanks among South African consumers.

With JoJo Tanks, you make a cost-effective decision that is good for your pocket and great for the environment!

Budget friendly JoJo Chemical Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks proudly presents a range of budget-friendly chemical tanks, specially designed for the South African market.

  • These tough polyethene tanks provide unparalleled durability against harsh weather conditions, making them excellent value for money.

JoJo Chemical Tanks are versatile in their use and can safely store various types of chemicals.

These cost-effective storage solutions cater to many needs, from domestic to agricultural uses.

  • Besides being easy on your pocket, investing in JoJo Chemical Tanks assures a reliable supply chain management that’s suitable even for industrial operations.

The prices fluctuate based on various factors, but rest assured you’re getting one of the best deals in South Africa with our competitive pricing structure.

Budget friendly JoJo Septic Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly septic tanks in South Africa.

  • These tanks come in different sizes, ranging from 1500L to 6000L units, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs best.

With JoJo’s septic tanks, you can trust that your waste management system will be efficient and effective.

  • The prices of JoJo tanks may vary based on factors such as size and specifications, but they provide affordable solutions for sewage disposal.

By opting for a JoJo septic tank installation, you can ensure cost-effectiveness and reliable performance for all your sewage disposal needs.

Budget friendly JoJo Agricultural Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly agricultural tanks in South Africa. These tanks are specifically designed to meet the needs of farmers and agricultural businesses.

  • With JoJo Agricultural Tanks, you can easily collect and store rainwater for irrigation and livestock watering purposes.

These tanks are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity, making them a reliable investment for your agricultural water storage needs.

  • Whether you need a small tank for domestic use or a larger one for commercial farming operations, JoJo has a range of sizes available to suit your requirements.

By choosing JoJo Agricultural Tanks, you can save money while ensuring that you have access to water when you need it most.

Additionally, investing in JoJo Agricultural Tanks is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

  • By utilizing rainwater harvesting techniques with these tanks, farmers can reduce their reliance on municipal water sources and lower their overall water bill expenses.

This sustainable approach to agriculture helps conserve precious natural resources while promoting smarter water management practices on farms across South Africa.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for affordable solutions that meet your agricultural water storage needs, look no further than JoJo Agricultural Tanks in South Africa.

  • Their budget-friendly options provide an excellent way to collect and store rainwater efficiently while reducing costs in the long run.

Choose JoJo Tanks and experience the benefits of having accessible and reliable water supply on your farm or agricultural business today!

JoJo Tanks Accessories within South Africa

Here are some essential accessories available in South Africa:

  1. Tank Stands – Elevates the tank for easier access to the stored water.
  2. First Flush Diverter – Helps remove debris and contaminants from the rainwater before it enters the tank.
  3. Leaf Catcher – Prevents leaves and debris from clogging the downpipe and entering the tank.
  4. Tank Level Indicator – Allows you to monitor the water level inside the tank without opening it.
  5. Tank Overflow System – Safely diverts excess water away from the tank during heavy rainfall.
  6. Water Filter – Removes impurities, sediments, and odours from the stored water for cleaner usage.
  7. Rainwater Harvesting Kit – Includes all necessary components for an efficient rainwater harvesting system.

Cost-Effective JoJo Services in South Africa

Get budget-friendly JoJo tank installation, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, disinfection, relocation, and custom solutions in your area.

Budget friendly JoJo Tank Installation in your area

Looking for an affordable JoJo tank installation in your area? Look no further!

  • JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly installation services that will meet all your water storage needs.

Installing a JoJo tank is not only cost-effective, but it also provides you with a reliable source of water whenever you need it.

  • Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property or simply want easy access to water, our certified installers are here to help.

With various sizes and designs available, you can find the perfect JoJo tank for your specific requirements. Don’t wait any longer – contact us now and get your budget-friendly JoJo tank installed today!

Budget friendly JoJo Tank Maintenance and Repairs

JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly maintenance and repair services for their tanks. Keeping your tank in good condition is essential for optimal performance and longevity.

  • Their experienced technicians are skilled in identifying and fixing any issues that may arise with your JoJo Tank.
  • Regular maintenance can help prevent problems before they become costly repairs, ensuring that your water storage solution remains reliable and efficient.

Trust the experts at JoJo Tanks to provide affordable maintenance solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, so you can continue enjoying the benefits of a well-maintained JoJo Tank for years to come.

Budget friendly JoJo Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly cleaning and disinfection services for their tanks in South Africa.

  • With their authorized dealers, they ensure that the tanks are thoroughly cleaned to remove any residue or buildup, paying special attention to corners and joints.

This ensures that your tank is kept clean and safe for storing water.

  • By providing cost-effective services, JoJo Tanks makes it easy for customers to maintain the hygiene of their water storage system without breaking the bank.

So, you can trust JoJo Tanks to keep your tank clean and properly disinfected at an affordable price.

Budget friendly JoJo Tank Relocation

JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly relocation services for your JoJo tank in South Africa.

  • Moving your JoJo tank to a different location on your property is made easy and affordable with their expert assistance.

Whether you want to relocate the tank to optimize space or ensure better access, their experienced team will handle the process efficiently. With JoJo Tank’s cost-effective relocation services, you can enjoy the convenience of having your water storage where it suits you best without breaking the bank.

Budget friendly Custom JoJo Tank Solutions

JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly custom solutions for water storage tanks.

  • Our tanks are made of durable polyethylene material, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance.

Whether you need a tank for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or municipal use, we have a wide range of sizes and prices to suit your needs and budget.

  • Our friendly team is always ready to provide expert advice and guidance to help you choose the right tank for your specific requirements.

With easy installation and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, our custom JoJo Tank Solutions are the perfect choice for all your water storage needs.

Good points of Installing JoJo Tanks near me

  1. Water Conservation: Installing a JoJo tank helps conserve water by collecting rainwater from your rooftop for later use.
  2. Cost Savings: By using stored rainwater, you can reduce your reliance on municipal water supply, leading to lower water bills.
  3. Drought Resilience: During periods of drought or water restrictions, having a JoJo tank ensures you have access to stored water for essential needs.
  4. Sustainable Gardening: Use the collected rainwater to water your garden and plants, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly gardening practices.
  5. Backup Water Supply: In case of interruptions in the municipal water supply, a JoJo tank provides you with a backup source of clean water.
  6. Decreased Flooding Risk: By capturing rainwater in the tank, runoff is reduced, which can help prevent flooding around your property.
  7. Versatile Applications: JoJo tanks can be used for various purposes such as household chores, irrigation systems, livestock watering, and construction projects.
  8. Easy Installation: JoJo tanks come with installation guides and can be installed by certified professionals or as a DIY project with the help of provided resources.
  9. Durability and Longevity: JoJo tanks are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

Budget friendly Applications of JoJo Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks in South Africa have a wide range of budget-friendly applications, including residential water storage, commercial water storage, industrial water storage, agricultural water storage, and municipal water storage.

Budget friendly Residential Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly residential water storage solutions in South Africa.

  • These tanks are designed to provide an affordable option for storing water from rainwater harvesting or municipal backup sources.

With JoJo Tanks, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have a sufficient supply of water at home, whether it’s for daily use or during times of water shortages.

  • These tanks are easy to install and maintain, making them a practical choice for any homeowner looking to save on their water bills and reduce their environmental impact.

Invest in a JoJo Tank today and ensure that you never run out of water again!

Budget friendly Commercial Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly options for commercial water storage.

  • These tanks are designed to provide a cost-effective solution for businesses in need of reliable water storage.

With affordable prices and customizable sizes, JoJo Tanks allow commercial establishments to store large quantities of water without breaking the bank.

Whether it’s for irrigation, manufacturing processes, or emergency backup supply, JoJo Tanks offer a space-saving solution that caters to different commercial water storage needs in South Africa.

Budget friendly Industrial Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly industrial water storage solutions in South Africa.

  • With storage capacities ranging from 260 to 20,000 litres, these tanks provide options for different industrial water storage needs.

The prices of JoJo Tanks are affordable, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses and industries looking to store large quantities of water.

  • These tanks not only help ensure water security but also contribute to conservation efforts in the industrial sector.

Whether you need to store water for manufacturing processes or irrigation systems, JoJo Tanks has the ideal solution at a price that fits your budget.

Budget friendly Agricultural Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers budget-friendly solutions for agricultural water storage in South Africa.

  • Their vertical water storage tanks are not only affordable but also space-efficient, making them a practical choice for farmers.

These tanks can hold large quantities of water, ranging from 260 to 20,000 litres, ensuring that there is an adequate supply for crops and livestock.

With JoJo Tanks’ reputation for quality and affordability, they are the trusted option when it comes to agricultural water storage needs in South Africa.

Budget friendly Municipal Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers a budget-friendly Municipal Backup Solution for water storage in South Africa.

  • With this system, a tank automatically fills when mains water is available, providing a reliable backup supply.

The best part is that JoJo Tanks also offer fully integrated systems that combine municipal water backup with rainwater harvesting, maximizing your water storage capacity.

  • These tanks are affordable and competitively priced, making them the perfect choice for budget-conscious individuals or municipalities looking for an economical solution to their water storage needs.

Plus, you can connect the Municipal Backup System to the main water supply, allowing you to fill your tanks from two different sources.

How to Determine the Right JoJo Tank for Your Needs?

To determine the right JoJo tank for your needs, consider factors such as required water storage capacity, available space, and intended use. Assess your specific requirements and consult with JoJo tank experts to ensure you make an informed decision.

Determining the Right JoJo Tank Size: A Guide

Here’s a guide to help you determine the perfect tank size for your needs:

  • Consider your average monthly water usage: Calculate how much water your household or business typically uses in a month. This will give you an idea of the storage capacity you require.
  • Assess your available space: Measure the area where you plan to install the JoJo tank. Make sure there is enough room to accommodate the tank comfortably.
  • Evaluate your rainfall patterns: Research the average annual rainfall in your area. This information will help you estimate how much rainwater you can collect and store in the tank during rainy seasons.
  • Determine your desired usage period: Decide on the length of time you want the stored water to last without needing a refill. This will depend on factors such as drought periods or interruptions in your water supply.
  • Consult with experts: Reach out to certified JoJo tank installers or suppliers who can provide professional guidance based on their experience and knowledge of various tank sizes and customer requirements.

A Detailed Comparison of JoJo Tank Materials

Material Quality Durability Price
Polyethylene High-quality Extremely durable Affordable
Food-Grade, BPA-free Polyethylene High-quality Safe for storing drinking water Cost-effective
Aluzinc Premium quality Weather resistant Higher price range

In-depth JoJo Tank Prices in South Africa 2024 [Complete JoJo Tanks Price List]

JoJo Tanks is known for offering a wide range of water storage tanks in South Africa, and their prices vary depending on the size and capacity of the tank.

  • The JoJo Tanks price list provides detailed information about the different sizes available and their corresponding prices.

For example, you can find vertical water storage tanks ranging from 260 to 20,000 litres in capacity. The prices listed are quoted in South African Rands and are valid only within South Africa.

  • It’s important to note that the highest price listed on the JoJo Tanks price list is R 84 406.99.

Whether you’re looking for a smaller tank for residential use or a larger tank for commercial or industrial purposes, JoJo Tanks has options to suit your needs and budget.

  • With their comprehensive price list, you can easily compare the costs of different tank sizes and make an informed decision based on your requirements.

Investing in a quality water storage tank is essential for ensuring reliable access to clean water, especially during times of drought or water restrictions.

By understanding the pricing details provided by JoJo Tanks, you can plan your budget accordingly and explore cost-effective solutions for your water storage needs.

Trusted JoJo Suppliers: Discover Their Areas in South Africa

Find expert JoJo installers in South African provinces and specific neighbourhoods. Explore the areas they cover and get connected with trusted suppliers near you.

Start your journey to finding the best JoJo tank for your needs.

Expert JoJo Installers in South African Provinces

Get your JoJo tank installed by certified experts in your area.

  • Our team of professional and experienced JoJo installers are available across various provinces in South Africa.

They are associated with trusted JoJo suppliers, ensuring that you receive top-quality service and products.

  • Whether you’re in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban, or any other part of the country, our experts will provide reliable and efficient installation services for your JoJo tank.

Don’t worry about finding the right installer – we have a wide network of distributors throughout South Africa to serve you. Trust the experts for all your JoJo tank installation needs.

Find Service in Your Area: Specific Neighbourhoods

Find Service in Your Area Specific Neighbourhoods

Here are some of the specific neighbourhoods where you can find JoJo Tank suppliers:

  1. Alberton
  2. Amanzimtoti
  3. Ballito
  4. Benoni
  5. Bloemfontein
  6. Boksburg
  7. Brackenfell
  8. Cape Town
  9. Centurion
  10. Chatsworth

Conclusion: Contact Us Now to Find a JoJo Installer in Your Area!

Conclusion Contact Us Now to Find a JoJo Installer in Your Area!

Find a certified JoJo tank installer in your area now by contacting us. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the best prices and expert installation for your JoJo tank.


1. What is a JoJo tank and what are its uses?

A JoJo tank is a type of durable water storage solution that can collect and store rainwater, providing a readily available supply for various uses such as gardening.

2. Are there different sizes and types of JoJo tanks?

Yes, JoJo tanks come in numerous sizes ranging from 1000l to 10,000 litres and more.

  • They offer vertical tanks, underground tanks, and even specially sized ones for fitting into restricted spaces.

3. Where Can I find the nearest dealer of JoJo Tanks?

You can find JoJo tank dealers across South Africa including Durbanville, Edenvale, Fourways etc., who provide all products including accessories like hand tools required for installation.

4. How do I install a JoJo tank?

Installation varies depending on the size or type of the tank but generally includes preparing a level base, fixing fittings meant for outlets/inlets/overflows with appropriate tools etc.,

  • You may refer to the installation guide provided or hire professional services if needed.

5. Are there specific garden tool sets associated with installing JoJo water tanks?

Yes! Essential garden tools along with some hand tools will be necessary during installations particularly when embedding an underground tank or managing overflows into your garden area.

6. Do these Water Tanks go on Sale often?

There might be seasonal sales where you could find discounted prices on water tanks; checking with local dealers or monitoring online platforms would keep you updated about any ongoing sale events.